Signk 5

SINGK (pronounced Synch)

will function as a microtransaction processor for the cryptocurrency market. It’s designed to fill several gaps in the market. Once implemented, SINGK will eliminate fees at the micro-purchase level (.01 cent to $1,000), for a selection of cryptocurrency holders. In addition to eliminating fees, SINGK will pay participating merchants a blend of currency and cryptocurrency to satisfy each customer transaction. These
transactions will be validated in the digital receipt format and stored on Ethereum’s decentralized platform.
SINGK will also facilitate the daily acquisition of a blend of cryptocurrencies for the institutional investor looking to spread the risk like any good mutual fund. There would be no fees charged for the transaction going in. Instead, revenue would be generated from each microtransaction by a small fee charged to participating merchants - like a credit card or debit card does. Outside investors can purchase SINGK Tokens from participating exchanges. Cryptocurrency speculators and strategic Investors can purchase SINGK Tokens anytime. If they chose to speculate they would not participate in the long-term revenue of SINGK. If they choose to stake their coin for a fixed period. If the stake their token they would participate in a percentage of future revenue collected from merchant transactions. Revenues generated from the sale of SINGK Token are invested in development, marketing, and operational expenses. Anyone investing in SINGK now would own a portion of the SINGK, Inc. founders stock and would participate in a share of all Token sales and micro transactional revenues, etc.
SINGK will become the premier platform needed to synchronize currency, cryptocurrency, and securities in a way that allows individuals, corporations, and governments to acquire all goods, services, and asset classes in real-time using a card, computer, mobile device, or chip. It is not a currency trading platform, new cryptocurrency, or commodities trading company. It is unique. With so many players participating in the Cryptocurrency, International Currency, Online Marketing, and Security Markets; each vying for global consumers attention, there is the legitimate need for a “neutral arbiter” - a Switzerland of currency if you will - that communicates in real-time, digitally, at the point of acquisition between buyer and seller.
SINGK will build and offer loadable tools that live between the buyer and sellers of all transactions big and small. SINGK transactions are not limited to M0 and M1 money transactions but will include M2, M3, and M4 money transactions that are much larger in size and sophistication.
SINGK provides its users the anonymity ease of use promised by the new cryptocurrency advocates along with the stability and reliability of old currency issuers. While some technology companies like COMIT and TENX are working in this direction - none are looking at it the way SINGK is. For the most part, both sides of the currency divide are lining up against one another and SINGK will capitalize on this animosity. SINGK markets itself as a truly non-discriminating and level playing field for all buyers and sellers.