SINGK is changing the Crypto Currency world one Merchant at a time!

SINGK is truly a revolutionary company that transitions old cash to a new coin. SINGK act’s as a non-discriminating electronic money platform synthesizing old and new currency for participating buyers and sellers of goods and services around the globe. SINGK enables buyers and sellers to make secured transactions - in real-time - without concern for location, language, or exchange rate.

SINGK does all the work!


History is full of transitional technologies. Think back to the day communications was delivered by the Pony Express. A nation relied on hundreds of horseback riders willing to endure all manner of weather and hazards - risking life and limb - to deliver messages and mail. Today we send messages and mail electronically over fiberoptic phone lines. But how did we get from horseback to fiberoptic communications? There was a transitional technology called the telegraph. The telegraph bridged the gap between the ridder and the telephone. The telegraph is not the only transitional technology. The word processor was positioned between the typewriter and the desktop computer. The pager was positioned between the payphone and the cell phone. Horse and buggy exited with early motorized carts and bikes and automobiles for many years before paved roads and highways took over.

SINGK will serve as a transitional technology the will assist in the transition of cash to coin economy. It will establish paring of a blend of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies that merchants and institutional investors can trust will maintain a steady value. If all goes well a sizable stash of 20 or more solid cryptocurrencies – including  Bitcoin, TRON. TROPTIONS, Litcoin, and Bitcoin cash to name a few. This coin can then be used to acquire assets, back insurance plays, loan against automobile and home purchases, etc. SINGK will set the value of these coins and will transition the economy from cash to coin.